Heroku Took Down My Sites!

Mar. 24, 2023

I'm having to re-do this site because Heroku decided to pull the plug on me - without saying anything.

Hey guys!

Long time since I've posted on here, I've been busy with my current job at Toyota Connected, learning Rust and Go. But I want to address something that happened with this site last year...it got taken down.

Why? Because Heroku decided to cancel its free tier plan. This on its own is of course fine, but not only did they cancel the plans, they also deleted any inactive users. So although I was still showing this website and my other demo sites I hadn't made update in Heroku in a year, so...I was deleted.

And deleted means not just inactive, but that I lost all the data I had for my apps in Heroku and I'm having to re-build this portfolio app from scratch as well as moving my current demo apps to a new service (still TBD). I'm usually not one to complain, but I would've been happy to pay Heroku to keep my apps up and I received no email warning from them (I've triple checked), so I feel like this is an overall missed opportunity for the company itself.

Going forward, this portfolio site I decided to make completely static using NuxtJS so that I have 100% of the content, and it's simpler to host. I'm planning to have a few more blog posts in the future on my experience with moving this portfolio to a SSG using Nuxt as well as using VPC space to host my apps.

For now, I'm hoping to get this portfolio site back up and running as soon as possible, so there may be some glitches in the meantime and I wanted to post this update for anyone perusing the site. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned!

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